Decorative Paint Finishes and Textures

Decorative Paint Finishes

We offer all of the traditional decorative paint finishes,  a variety of surface effects including: ragging, parchment, colorwashes, faux linen, strie, and combing.  These may be applied as a single overlay color, or multiple glazes of color that may be blended or distressed to achieve the desired look.  All of these finishes may be customized in color,  subtlety, or strength to optimally enhance your interior.

Acrylic textures

In addition to the Italian plasters we offer, we also work with a variety  of acrylic textures.  The plaster may be smooth or rough, with a large or small aggregate.  They may be combined with metallic foils, crackle effects, or embossed with rollers for an unlimited range of  possibilities.  All plasters may be tinted to the desirable color, and toned to create an aged patina if desired.  We will work with you to find the best finish to suit your needs.